If you didn’t know..

I’m way older than you 😂.

I don’t really play graal anymore therefore I feel safer posting graphics here bc I know you won’t be able to upload a lot of them 🧐.

I’ve decided to start posting random and more adult themed sprites and maybe heads and bodies if I feel like doing all that work. Until then bare with me.


FurHood Bodies

Just wanted to say, if there are issues with the onesie bodies please lemme know so I can fix them. I don’t wanna have seriously flawed files on my site and spread them around graal. 

That goes for all things that I post, even if it’s just the positioning of pixels or a frame. Don’t be lazy 😂 comment and let me know, please and ty. 🖖🏼


Mk so I figured out the problem that almost every single graal body has and how to fix it. This should be the solution to;

  • Skipping bodies
  • Uneven bodies
  • Skipping extensions
  • Uneven extensions

Problem is idk how easy this will be to explain or for anyone to understand. 😅
So basically, I uploaded this image into custom viewer and then deconstructed the walking gif online.

This is the exact walk sequence in number order. If you notice there is not just the first 6 body frames in each walk sequence. There are 8.

Also due to the order of the walk sequence, these 2 frames should be switched with each other on almost every single body made, UNLESS, the shorter of the forward moving leg is on top of the selected frames below. 

On the selected frames the shorter leg should be top and the longer should be on bottom. And again the last frame shown below should be aligned at the very top of the provided frame space.

I checked again in custom viewer after making the above adjustments and the body was perfect. No skipping or unevenness and walked smooth and evenly.
Everything made after this should look 75percent better, even if they’re just old bodies that you’re fixing.
If you have any questions or are confused please ask.